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The Counseling and Guidance Cell of the college inspires and supports students to transition confidently beyond the Institute by creating a dynamic space to gain clarity through their one to one counselling, grant writing workshops, career fairs, resume advice, LinkedIn clinics, mock interviews, and more. It is never too early or too late to start preparing for your future. The Counseling and Guidance Cell of the college hosts campus interviews after end of the semesters.

The aim of Guidance and Counseling cell is to provide comprehensive guidance programs and services that will equip students with necessary knowledge, attitude and skills to become mature and socially responsible individuals.

This is the motto of the Guidance & counseling cell which functions as a part of Student Support Service (SSS) for student retention. The cell nurtures students through different activities and allows students to cross hurdles in the academic year thereby marching smoothly towards success. Apart from this, it helps the students to overcome class, social, and cultural barriers to complete their college education. The Guidance and Counseling Committee is looked after by a teaching faculty. Apart from the main in charge the other faculty members take up specific roles in the activities conducted. The committee identifies students who require services on priority along with their areas of deficiency and suggests the improvement required.

Activities & Objectives

The purpose of the Counselling Cell is to help students’ improve their lives. Anything that stifles our development and subdues our mission must not be overlooked.

The Counselling Cell is an endeavor to provide support and ensure the well-being of our community, as a person's growth is holistic

We deal with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues (such as difficulty managing stress, academic anxiety, feelings of inferiority, low self-confidence, difficulty mixing with others, addiction - social networking sites, smoking, drugs, etc., relationship issues, or any psychological issues) to ensure your well-being.

We are here to help you cater to your needs if you are facing any problem in your personal or professional life by providing you solutions/dealing with the problem effectively.

The counseling cell functions in coordination with the placement cell in order to solve the career guidance related problems.

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