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BA-LLB (Integrated)

5 Years Integrated Course

To give outstanding educational service to all people without any discrimination with a vision to expand the intellect of an individual and reminding law students of their responsibilities as social engineers and also to equip the graduates of law to be efficient in their domain and thereby contribute for the upliftment of justice and integrity in society. The School has been granted affiliation by the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi for running a 5-year Integrated BA (LLB) programme and the affiliation has been approved by the Bar Council of India.

The programme seek to promote multi-disciplinary analysis of the socio-legal problems by designing its course-structure and teaching methods to realize these objectives. The methods of teaching in the Law School include lecture discussions, case law analysis, moot court training, project assignment and placement programmes.

BA-LLB :: Syllabus

Duration : 5 Years

Description of Degree

Law is a journey away from religion and marching towards participatory process rather looking at 'wisdom' or at the 'sovereign'. Law and legal education deals with skills to be used in the profession. Law itself as a discipline in education becomes study of philosophy. Integrating the 'under-graduate' liberal education with 'graduate level' legal education in the span of five years through establishing some institutions. We catch the novice who intends to join the profession and get longer time to perfectly motivate and prepare the student for the legal profession and design under graduate base according to the need of professional skills.

Skills Obtained

The BA-LLB programme usually covers practical training including court attendance, hands on training at legal aid centres and research projects. To be able to practice, it is mandatory to put in a year's internship. This may be done during the course of the final year. There are various branches of specialisation in law like civil law, criminal law, corporate law, income tax law, international law, labour law, constitutional law, and patent law etc.

Higher Educational Plan

P.G. Programmes in law (LLM) are of 1 years duration & eligibility is LLB degree. There are various branches of specialisation in law like civil law, criminal law, corporate law, income tax law, international law, labour law, constitutional law, and patent law etc..

Career Plan

Lawyers can find employment opportunities in public and private sector organizations. Most Lawyers prefer to become an advocate and practice law as a profession. For that they have to enroll with the Local/State/Central Bar Council. Central/State Government jobs are also open to Lawyers. During the span of time they can be appointed as Judges of various courts, as Attorney and Solicitor General, as Public Prosecutor and also in Defense, Tax and Labour Departments. Moreover, Lawyer can also work as legal counsel and legal advisers for firms, organizations and families. They also can be appointed as Company Secretaries in various firms. They also can work with legal consultancy firms dealing with tax, excise, patent, labour and environmental laws. They also can work as trustees of various trusts, law reporters in media industries. Besides Lawyers have also ample career options in Law schools and colleges as a teacher/professor. In addition to this Lawyers also can join politics because they have large public contacts. These non-profit organisations like NGOs are need the service of Lawyers. International agencies like UNO, ILO, and ICJ also employ Lawyers of good reputation and track records..