B.COM(H):3 Years

Nowadays, we face challenges wherever we go either for a college seat or a position in a particular company. So, it's very important to understand this kind of environment before facing it and our college actually does that. Here they give us a chance to think, speak and elaborate. We all might sometime had dreamt about striving for a challenging career opportunity and for that we need to understand what the challenge is? Doing something that's result are already certain is not challenging. But, going out of the box and doing something that has the maximum benefit but lots of uncertainty is the real challenge because you don't if it will be successful or not but still you have the goal in your mind. I just remember a sentence from my professor that "right now you are all in the same course so you can ask your fellows if you make any mistake but what about the future where you might fight for the same position in a company there you can only depend on yourself so start becoming independent today for the upcoming future" . FIMT has helped me create my own personality , think about my own future and understanding the knowledge that I will need in future.


To Inspire us FIMT always comes ahead organizing different seminars, workshops, events and even competition. Even during this COVID-19 epidemic FIMT provides online classes for us. So what if we can't go college the college comes to us. Our FIMT even arranged webinars for us like few of the most recent ones on the skill based topic of 'LEADERSHIP' , on the inspirational topic of 'FAITH' and even regarding the type of interviews that we might face after college. A college can only provide us the path but its us who decide to walk on it or not. But, a strong inspiration will always effect you either directly or indirectly. Due to these kind of inspiration one year ago I started working on creating a system for our college Student’s which is " The Student Ranking System ". I had even created a blog where I post my own thoughts you can also find it on . A good inspiration is always the key to success.


FIMT help's us in preparing for the future. As the world is changing . There is nothing certain todays News might become old one tomorrow so, we have to keep ourselves up-to-date and FIMT helps us by providing the latest knowledge of the course subjects. They even provides us with virtual classes with the help of projectors when required. Even the faculties here share their own experiences with their students so that they might Not make the mistakes in the future. They help us prepare both mentally and knowledgeably. As plus one is always better then minus one we always gain something extra then required with the help of FIMT.