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Grievance Redressal and Apprassal Committee

Grievance Redressal and Apprassal Committee (GRAC) facilitates the redressal of grievances in a fair and impartial manner maintaining confidentiality.

VA grievance means a formal complaint about any kind of discontent, dissatisfaction or negative perception among stakeholders. It could also be related with the functioning of the institution that is unfair or unjust.

Grievant means a student, parent, staff member or group of students or parents or staff members or combination of stakeholders of the institution.

A committee among faculty is constituted by the principal in consultation with HoDs and with the consent of Chairman, governing body for a period of one year.


  • 1. To ensure a fair, impartial and consistent way for redressal of various issues faced by the stakeholders.
  • 2. To uphold the dignity of the college by promoting cordial Student-Student relationship, Student-teacher relationship, and teacher-teacher relationship.
  • 3. To develop a responsive and accountable attitude among the stakeholders, thereby maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in the college campus.
  • 4. To ensure that grievances are resolved with complete confidentiality.
  • 5. To ensure that the views of grievant and respondent are respected and that any party to a grievance is not discriminated or victimised.
  • 6. To ensure stakeholders to respect the rights and dignity of one another.

The Grievance Redressal and the Apprassal Committee (GRAC) is reconstituted as follows:

Internal Member
1. Prof. Dr. Saroj Vyas Chairperson
2. Ms. Garima Patwari Counselor
3. Mr. Noor Ul Amin Naqash Member Secretary
4. Ms. Shikha Mehmi Member
5. Ms. Deepa BhutaniMember
6. Ms. Nidhi SharmaMember
7. Ms. Vrinda Awasthi Student Member
8. Mr. Anmol Aggarwal Student Member
External Member
1. Ms. Hiteshi Kakkar Student Alumni Member
2. Mr. Amit Bhobia Student Alumni Member


Minute of meeting on dated 30/08/2019