Quality Policy

Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology, New Delhi strives to make an impact in the field of education by aligning to the best approaches and practices available and to provide the best skill sets to our students for excellent performance in diverse academic and professional fields. We are committed to do so by:

  • Strengthening the basic knowledge of students in multiple discourses
  • Developing targeted proficiency in the concerned field
  • Providing proper attention and guidelines for a successful career path

Our team at FIMT is committed for a well-rounded development of our future leaders and it utilizes the latest technology, updated knowledge and practical learning to make sure we provide the best education within efficient time limits.

Environment Policy

Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology recognizes the environmental impact made by our operations. We take full responsibility of our actions and are committed to reduce all forms of environmental pollution. We encourage our faculty, students and staff members to mitigate waste and pollution by following the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover) policy.

We adapt health, safety and environment based codes of practice and relevant guidance in compliance with Indian environmental legislation. At FIMT, the aim is to be conscious and vigilant towards environment and to contain any possible damage to the same. To keep our commitment of sustainable development and healthy environment we are focused on the following fundamentals:

  • Optimize the energy use
  • Minimize consumption of water
  • Disposal of waste categorically
  • Spread awareness about environmental pollution and changes