New Students

Are you a new or recently accepted student to FIMT?

The staff of the Rural Community Health Center congratulates you on your acceptance to FIMT.The Medical professionals,allied health professionals, the nursing and office staffs look forward to confidentially serving you for your health and pharmaceutical needs. There are several documents in this section which are required to be filled and submitted by every new student and their family. If you have not completed the following forms and requirements, please feel free to print them, then post-mail or fax them to FIMT at the addresses at the end of this document. We do not accept e-mailed documents.

The Institute requires that every new student or recently accepted student complete and return the Medical History Questionnaire . It is also important that students who are under 18 years of age or above .must obtain a parent/guardian signature before treatment . We would also like to inform you about many services which are offered to you at the Health Center. Please refer to our brochure which is mailed to every newly accepted student or browse through our web pages.

Note to Parents

Entering Professional Education is a landmark time for both children and parents. It is an opportunity for your students to learn how to make many of their own decisions, while you begin to 'let go' of some of the involvement you have had in their daily lives. While we at the Rural Community Health Center must communicate within the limits of medical confidentiality and privacy, we can explain in detail our general practices and policies to you if you call or write us a note. We wish to be your student's medical resource while they are away from home. Please be encouraged to contact us at any time.

Dear Parent or Guardian

We are interested in your student's success and good health while enrolled at FIMT. As a mandatory condition we shall have to obtain permission to treat minors or patients under eighteen and above years. If your student will still be a minor upon arrival at FIMT or even above the age of 18 years, we have included the Consent to Treat Form for your signature to facilitate treatment should your son/daughter request to be seen at the Health Center. Please complete and return the consent form prior to the beginning of the first semester. Our staff looks forward to serving your son/daughter's health and medical needs as a student at FIMT. Please feel free to contact our office at (011) 25063208-12, if you have any questions