Extra Curricular Activity

Our students actively participate in various academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, industry based, cultural and sports related competitions organized not only on campus but also at inter-college level. The students have constantly been top performers at such events, which only goes on to highlight the pronunciation that FIMT lays on all round growth of a student.


  • Higher academic scores
  • Learn to manage their time, relieve stress and learn to strive for excellence
  • Improvement in written and oral communication skills
  • Holding a higher plane
  • Getting Involved in Diverse Interests
  • Learning About Long Term Commitments
  • Raises Self Esteem
  • Building Solid Relationship Skills
  • Develop Non-Academic Interests
  • Learn time management, critical thinking, teamwork and social skills
  • Beneficial in later life and become more marketable in the workplace
  • Foster a sense of commitment
  • Easier to gain admission into other universities