FIMT is about creating students who can view life through a wide variety of lenses and who leave here prepared to make an important and lasting impact on society. Our unique ability to provide undergraduates with exposure to a broad spectrum of academic disciplines beyond their field of study is the reason why employers around the globe seek our graduates. Experience FIMT through various means, visit us on campus, attend an event in a city near you. Whatever the case, be sure you take the opportunity to learn about our unique left-brain/right-brain approach to education and how it prepares our students for the real world.


Soft skills supplement technical skills. The two together transform you into a well-groomed individual ready for the corporate world. If you conduct a quick reality check, you'll find that most applicants for a job are at par when it comes to academic and technical competence in which case the final criteria for selection are communication skills, conduct and grooming. That is why FIMT includes soft skills in its curricula. The program addresses aspects of human personality like trust building, assertiveness training, decision-making, survival skills, resume writing, interview skills, stress management and language competence, among others.


Becoming a college student is an exciting time that brings many adjustments and challenges. Students come to our Counselling Center to talk with us about their feelings, concerns and choices they are facing during their study. We listen, support, and help them to make the most of their educational experience. The student do not have to severe problems to come to the Counselling Center. Services are available to all the students who are interested in personal growth and exploration. We frequently meet with students, faculty and others who are worried about students, friends, or roommates. We can help understand what the problems might be and how the concerned person can intervene. These and our other services are confidential and voluntary.


To make students understand the real work environment and challenges they will face on completion of the course the students of Management, IT and Hospitality are taken on Industrial visits to IDPL, Hero Honda, Parley-G, Maruti Udyog, Mother Dairy etc. to study the Management, HR, Finance, Supply Chain Management and other related areas. On the basis of the Industrial Visits the students work on Projects assigned by the concerned faculty. Whatever your motivation, we have continuing education option that's right for you. Collectively, these options offer an appealing array of courses, programs, locations and modes of delivery to meet the needs of every adult learner.By continuing your education with us, you will enjoy affordable courses that integrate theory with applied experience and challenge you to expand your mind. All courses are taught by well-qualified faculty who take a personalized approach to students' learning. In addition, we provide academic advising, writer's workshops, IT services, library access and other services designed to help non-traditional students