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Career @ FIMT

One of the greatest priorities of Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology is to promote and nurture talent. We treat our Human Resources with utmost dignity and respect as they utilize their insightful and experienced outlook of the world to guide the students towards success. Creating an environment where every coworker feels valued, respected, included and challenged helps FIMT to remain an employer of choice. Our team ensures collaboration across the organization like a well-oiled machinery, providing an opportunity for a smooth learning and growth of all. We are committed for a diverse and all-inclusive environment where uninhibited contribution takes place from all the sides towards mutual development. Our policy of talent acquisition is only the Ability of an applicant. In this way FIMT is an Equal and Unbiased Employer.

At present following opportunities are open in our organization:

Professor (All Stream)
Associate Professor (All Stream)
Assistant Professor (All Stream)