IT Department FIMT

The IT Department or the Computer Labs, as they are popularly known are equipped with latest technology systems, where the students are trained by qualified and experienced faculty members. Apart from excellent hardware in all the three IT labs necessary and latest software required for application development are provided. Keeping abreast with the changing time the institute has gone for an Internet leased line facility and the students are also provided commercial packages that help them to excel in their fields of specialization. The whole department is connected through LAN whereas, continuous internet services are provided through wi-fi. Enough time is made available to the students for maximum utilization of the computing facilities. Well qualified, dedicated and experience faculty members are our main strength, who are always ready to guide students at any point of time.

Infrastructure of the Fairfield School of IT

  • Multi-media
  • Hardware
  • Software Engineering
  • LINUX - RHEL 5.0
  • .NET
  • Oracle 11g
  • Adobe Master Collection
  • Quark Express
  • MSDN
  • iMac with FCP

The Institute has over 180 Pentium Core Processor) PC desktop computers and which are fully networked. The computer labs are air-conditioned, with adequate UPS backup, have a 24 hours 'Internet Lease Line' facility through a 2 Mbps Internet connection

Project Based Learning at the Fairfield School of IT

We follow the Project Based Learning at the Fairfield School of IT by conducting Lab Innovations, Industrial projects, by conducting Value Addition Programs. We also conduct various curriculum projects by using Self-learning sessions for the students.

Our conducive classroom atmosphere has been a significant factor in creating a harmony in the teacher-student relationship. It has been designed to propel an inquiry-based learning that fosters liberation of mind, thereby creating an eagerness to learn. Our simple classroom teaching is aided with many modern facilities like air ventilation convenience, internet, and intranet connectivity, hi-tech multimedia and audio-visual equipments which set the tone for students to engage in stimulating discussions

We also provides various Business Club Technical Activities using LCD Presentations on various Profile & Projects by conducting Presentations, Mock Test & Group Interviews that helps for the professional development of the students.

The Fairfield School of IT has fully functioning labs covering latest software's

Information technology (IT) is the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data.

In BCA, subjects related to basics of technological applications such as mathematics, database management system, business data processing, system analysis, statistics and optimization techniques etc. are taught at an elementary level.

Description of Degree

Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA) is an undergraduate course for the tech-savvy youth who are interested in making a career in the field of Info-tech. If one wishes to become a Software Developer or web-designer or wants to take up a career in Systems Management, then BCA is the best course to get an early start for their careers. Job opportunities can be found in both large and small software development organisations as well as hardware companies . The aim is to equip individuals with skill sets comparable to International standards. The successful completion of this course opens up options such as MCA, MBA etc.

Skills Obtained

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) course grooms the students with comprehensive inputs from the rapidly changing IT industry & enables them to develop an all-round personality that would enable the students to take up the challenges of the corporate world . The primary focus is to build strong foundation needed for careers in Computers, Emphasis on emerging Computer Applications.

Higher Educational Plan

The Master of Computer Application is also one of the most popular graduate degrees. Students from a wide range of backgrounds apply to MCA programs to stay in IT Sector.

Career Options

A very good career option indeed .The successful completion of this course opens up options such as MCA etc .IT being a sunshine sector there are no dearth of opportunities in the same. The IT industry has a shortage of skilled resources. Develop a strong analytical ability and excellent written and verbal communication skills if you want to move ahead in this field. Excellent team working and peer to peer interaction are a must to succeed in the IT industry. Given the era of globalization it is advisable to pick up a foreign language as well.