FIMT Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communications (BA-MC)

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication as a course enables students to use traditional and digital forms of mass media to relay information to the targeted audiences. It’s fundamental lies in the concept of connectivity. A social and people loving person can have very interesting work offers in this field with lucrative packages.

Description of Degree

Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communications (BA-MC) provides equal grounding in print journalism, broadcast media, advertising, public relations, corporate communications, Media arts and new media, besides traditional and digital photography. Mass Communications is the study of mass media and mass media includes all types of medium used to convey the information to the audience. Examples of mass media include newspapers, magazines, cinema films, radio, televisions etc. The graduates of Mass Communications programs work in a variety of fields in news media and publishing, public relations and research institutes.

Skills Obtained

Mass Communications is the word used to explain the academic study of various indicator by which individuals and society relay information to a huge section of the population. The various media include newspaper and magazine. radio, television, and films. A Career mass communication surely beckons those who are creative, analytical, and excellent with words. The other important stream under mass communications include : journalism, Film-making, advertising, Public Relations, Radio Jockeying, Video-Jockeying Publishing and Printing etc .

Career Options

Mass Communication is a broad field. A student wrap up takes up the course in Mass Communications has number of career options before him. He/She can opt for Copy writer if he wants to go into Advertising, a Journalist if he has nose for news and Public relation officer if he wants to be the image builder of the company.But whatever career options a student choose, one thing that will be found common in all career options are meeting tight deadlines. The media people have to work in lots of pressure as they have to meet the deadline. A 'News' for instance cannot be taken lightly and put off for another day as it would become stale and won't sell. A journalist has to rush whenever any news breaks in. Lets take a peep into the lifestyle and nature of work of various professionals in this field .