BA-LLB 1st,3rd,5th,7th,9th Semester

Semester Assignment Description Download
1st Semester Legal Methods FIMT
1st Semester Law of Contract - I FIMT
1st Semester Legal English and Communication Skills FIMT
1st Semester History FIMT
1st Semester Sociology I FIMT
3rd Semester Family Law - I FIMT
3rd Semester Constitution Law - I FIMT
3rd Semester Law of Crimes FIMT
3rd Semester Economics FIMT
3rd Semester Political Science FIMT
5th Semester Env. Studies & Env. Law FIMT
5th Semester Law of Evidence FIMT
5th Semester Corporate Law FIMT
5th Semester Code of Civil Procedure FIMT
5th Semester Alternative Dispute Resolution FIMT
7th Semester Labour Law FIMT
7th Semester Tax Law FIMT
7th Semester Law & Emerging Tech. FIMT
7th Semester Human Rights Law FIMT
9th Semester Legal Ethics and Court Craft FIMT
9th Semester Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing FIMT
9th Semester Criminology FIMT
9th Semester Socio-Economic Offences FIMT